Fusion Trinity

What is Fusion?


First of all, it is played and sing rock and pop songs. In order to join, you do not need any details. It is open to all teenagers. It is a place where young people can not only learn how to express themselves, but also to gain new skills. Each concert is usually the one who sings solo for the first time, the first time playing a musical instrument in a group, or even conducting a choir. Scenes and dancing teenagers prepare themselves. Concerts are the means to achieve the result, but not the result itself. However, even here, the energy and enthusiasm that young people invest in concerts testify to the fact that their level for "amateur" choir is unusually high.
Fusion is conducted by the local church, as a way to reach a local congregation. This is the place where the church can share Christ in a way that gives young people the possibility to choose what they believe.


 In 2016, our Fusion Trinity celebrated its first birthday! We made a party in the style of hipsters, who came to the world quadrupeds Festival WOODSTOCK. At this party we could remember how it all began as from a small team, we have a large and happy family FUSION TRINITY ODESSA.

We do not intend to rest on our laurels, we are confidently moving forward in spite of the difficulties and challenges!





We did not once hold a concert of our pop-rock choir! The first concert was held in the local church "Holy Trinity"! Teens first time showed their relatives, friends and loved ones that they have learned to sing and play various musical instruments.




Almost every day we are different workshops for the study of musical instruments ka electric, bass, acoustic guitar, drums, piano, singing, and dancing derizhirovanie

Most teens first time playing in the music, but thanks to our team, they have already played several concerts Fusion





Also we were able to hold 2 the coolest summer camp, just one week we have prepared a concert of the Fusion, and were able to perform for family and friends! In the organization of the camp helped us with the California team, together we were able to reach the location of the adolescents to us, and now the majority of teenagers who were in the camp go to Fusion Trinity


February 17, 2017 we spent 3 concert, it was the first concert in Odessa schools with Fusion.
At the concert, we have shown that we are prepared for all our rehearsals!
After the concert we received a large number of new teenagers!

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5 leaders Fusion Trinity Odessa

Bermas Anastasiia

The main leader of the Fusion Trinity Odessa

Livadar Yana

spiritual leader

Moiseienko Svitlana 

choir leader

Tyulenev Max


Grinyuk Vitaly

band leader